Monday, February 28, 2011

More of the same but different.

And I have been snow dyeing again.  In an attempt to get purple I used Scarlet and Royal Blue Rit dye and some Dylon Yellow for accent.  NOT the right method!!  I got blue and red fabric with a few small purple areas, and the yellow did not take at all!  Sigh.  It is all very permanent though as I heat set in the microwave before I rinsed it.
This was a light blue satiny fabric.

More of Great Grandmother's fabric.

Wonderfully shiny but still blue and red.
I am going to over dye with some purple and see what happens.  I will use Low Water Immersion and Rit once again.

The second eyeglass case is done. again oversized with a hard insert.
I used hand dyed purple shaded ribbon but the Mauve tie sucked all the purple out of it.....amazing!  The underside of the ribbon work and the bead work is all securely glued, as well as all the bead work around the edge.The cloisonne butterflies are both sewn and glued on.  
This is done for durability as idle hands like to pick.
This is a very subtle treatment but it was a huge amount of work.

I got a new do too:
We were trying for purple here too, but the purple dyd would not take, and a mixture of red and blue came out too blue.  Apparently purple is as hard to make as it is to wear.  I will change my Blog picture as soon as I get a better picture that is not a

I am going to make a couple of dolls next as they are preying on my mind.  They want out and are getting impatient and I want a change from purple.
(If I was in my mind I would probably want out too!)

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Judy Ferguson said...

Next time try fushia and cobalt blue. Never use yellow with red and blue unless you want brown. But if I need rust, I use scarlet, cobalt and a little orange. I am working on color mixing.

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