Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm sitting on horses again...Wheeee!

The chairs have been done, it has been 18 months but very well worth waiting for and the price was  A friend of ours is a professional upholsterer (the fellow who gives me all his old samples) offered to do them for free.  I bought the fabric a long time ago, a friend and I were out browsing at a roll-end outlet and while we found a couple of ho-hum pieces that would match my dining room, nothing special popped out.  Until Pat shrieked and I came running....she had found this positively fabulous fabric.  I bought a lot of it!  (Ulterior Motive:  more stash!) This stuff is so beautiful I would have repainted the dining room!

I don't think I could live with a whole sofa of it (it would be appropriate for the lounge in a bordello!)  but for the dining room chairs it is great.
It was hard getting the lighting right, it is actually a bit more olive and taupe.

Now to go make a bag using it.

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