Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gallery Representation

Wonderful news...I am represented by a fabulous gallery!

Pulse Gallery in the Johnson Terminal at The Forks in Winnipeg....exclusive, elegant (my stuff sure stands out!) and in the best location in Winnipeg....lots of tourists. They represent only Manitoba artists.

I took in 21 pieces on spec this morning and they kept them all but one.  She especially liked my newer stuff so that is an indication that I should continue on in that direction.

Manitoba Art Expo is next week and I will be very busy setting up there.  It is the premier art show in Manitoba and I am honored to be in it, this will be my fourth year.  There are some fabulous artists in this province.  I am going to try to do one more wall hanging this weekend.  Wish me luck.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Grief...mischief in the Studio

Boy, I come home from a show and sale tired, leave everything in a heap in my Studio to put away the next day and look what happens!

The piggies got into my stash and had a grand time.  They have morphed themselves into something that is much more my style.....I am not a 'less is more' kind of person!

Now this is really, officially an Acid Trip Piggy!  Not that I would know myself personally.....ahem.

And let me introduce you to Silver Bird. 

The prettiest little flier ever, but a bit Punk with the chains and all.

These are much more to my taste now.  I will have to shovel up...oops I mean tidy up the Studio again, sigh.

I will post a picture of my midden some time, but not until you get to know me better! lol

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Paverpol

Good afternoon everyone, another chilly but sunny day here.

What a good time I have been my Happy Place of course

Another Tiepot  #2 Oceanus

It seems Blogger will not let me post another picture?!?!  Content too racy??

I will continue...
Aha!!  You just have to tweak a few more buttons.

And the pigs are flying around here....totally non functional just like the Tiepots.

and a functional one...but it is a retirement savings bank as there is no way to get the money out!
Great idea what!?!?

I have to stop this now as I need to let the pieces cure before the sale.......
I think I am ready to get back to playing with soft fabric now.

We are having a great studio upheaval here as I am getting more space! Hooray!  My dh is getting the spare bedroom (anybody want to buy an antique brass double bed?  Great for displaying quilts) for his studio (he decorates eggs Faberge style) and I am getting his space. The upheaval has turned my Buddy into a barnacle..he gets upset easily!
Why is it that when your cat gets under the covers with you and curls up in your arms he will decide that that is the perfect time to have a vigorous and very thorough wash.  It is very difficult trying to go to sleep with a yellow fuzz ball lurching around!

I am unpacking my ties and sorting them.  DH has finally put up my racks, a cupboard and a whole bunch of shelves and I am looking forward to getting things unpacked and sorted out.  I want to have my stash where I can see it.   I am of the "if I can't see it I don't have it" mindset.  lol
When I get it all done I will post a picture....I have about 1000 ties!

Rats, this thing keeps resetting to will think I am writing poetry!  Also I have to publish after every picture ore it won't accept a second one.  Sheesh.  If you can help me with this just email me please.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In the beginning......

Well I am finally taking the big step and publishing a blog.

I have been working on a huge commissioned piece, and it seemed to have put my entire life on hold...for a whole year!  But the piece is done, and the huge pressure is gone.   AND she absolutely loved the piece.  Bonus!!

Wishful Thinking (3' x 5') is a very three dimensional piece about a Devon Rex house cat that is never allowed outside.......their whole front yard is planted with Daylillies.  Lots of upholstery fabric and the ubiquitous yo-yo!  Making a curly coated cat was quite an exercise.

After the quilt left for its new home I was wandering around here bumping into myself...I felt like a lost child.  All I could manage was to sort and tidy up a bit in my studio.  This is a good thing as it is a very rare event!

My Muse has returned to me along with her dear friend Sense Of Silly!  I am experimenting with Paverpol and having a wonderful time.  This stuff promises to be a great stash buster.

Sort of an abstract sculpture for a challenge to use a hand dyed damask napkin...funky!

Tie Pot 1, mostly men's ties.  It is only ornamental, you cannot open it.  These are fun to do.  As you can see there will be more.

Mask 1 Melody.  Again the first of a series. That is Felix Mendelssohn's Saint Paul for the musically curious. 
There are two types of snow dyed fabric, cotton and mystery fibre!  Nice colours with a coordinated look.  I can't wait for winter and more snow.

Good bye for now, I am going back to my Happy Place (read Studio).

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