Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shoes as promised

I have done three shoes.  I will do more after Art Expo.  The Paverpol takes two weeks to really cure so I am past the deadline for more Paverpol work.

This is Silver Slipper.  A happy accident in finding a fabric with three shades of the same print.  (A thrift store find.) Conchos are from a leather belt with potato freshwater pearls added.

 This is Bronze Slipper.  Snow dyed fabric and some heavy metal. lol

 Dragon Fly Catcher.  The boot is a bit big but I loved the shape and the snow dyed fabric was two way stretch so is on real snug.  I had been wondering how I would use that super thick spandex-like fabric.  Pink silk is a thrift store scarf, quite lovely.

The working title was Zen, but there is nothing Zen-like about it.  It is now Step Off The Yellow Brick Road.  The orange is a tie, and the blue is a snow dye.

I did have some fabric pulled for another piece, but my dh tidied up and I will have to ask him where he stashed it.  He is a very good organiser and I do not want to discourage him by screaming in his ear "DON'T DO THAT".   He is currently working on establishing himself an egg decorating studio in the front of the garage......pretty soon I will be able to return the favor!

Nap time!  All this creativity has made me sleepy.

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