Saturday, January 29, 2011

Modesty prevails...sort of!

It seems that the majority of people like covered hooters!  Does this mean the decline of nude beaches?
You are supposed to be looking down beachcombing, not ogling the fellow beach goers anyway!

Such a nice coif, now her face is not so startling.  I outlined the wings as it was hard to tell she was a Faery with all that hair.

I am working on the wand, and the ground line now...she needs a nice beach to walk on herself.

Then the skirt has to be 'emroidered', and a sprinkle of Faery dust around her and she will be done.

This is so much fun it must be either immoral, illegal or fattening......take a guess which one it is for me!! lol

I'm off to strew more jewels beneath her feet.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shock and Awwww

I have been working on The Bag some more. I have decided on a Faery and would you believe I have made a second try at hair as the first try was too big!?!?  And I know that the green vintage turquoise jewellery face is making you go Aaaack!! Ptooy!   But I am not finished yet!

I want to take a poll of readers.  Should I just stuff her bodacious boobs a bit more and leave them, or should I do a bit of discreet bead work netting over them. After all She has to carry this out in public.  I will be watching for your comments.  This is a very early picture as I have about another half pound of beads and ribbon to go on there yet.

I have help here every day.  When Buddy and Sundae are not rearranging my spools of thread on the floor (they love it when it unwinds), they organize my cupboards.  This is the one that holds all the fabric inherited from my mom and my great grandmother.  They are exhausted, it was a very big job.  They are resting, something they do for about 93% of every day.

Sundae snores, you can hear her from the far end of the Studio.

DH has gone into his egg studio and Sundae has gone with him, she is his cat and sticks to him like a barnacle.  The two of them have to have us in sight at all times.  I don't know if they are insecure, or just like us!  hehe!

Remember, bare boobs or beaded boobs, I need to know.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now The Fun Begins!

Remember that art bag I am working on?  The construction part is done:

It is a shoulder tote-type bag.  I opted for satin stitch finishing as it was far too stiff and thick to have folded seam allowances...the corners would have been an inch thick!  lol

 It has a zipper closure as requested.
 Inside is a zipper pocket and slots for a cell phone, a note book and a pen.
 Swarovski Marguerites, hearts and butterflies, large Amethyst chips and a magnificent strand of faceted Amethyst beads with silver spacers which I am to take apart and use on various projects.
 Faceted Amethyst square beads, Amethyst Go Go beads, Rainbow Fluorite cylinder beads, Amethyst teardrops.
 Various and sundry!  lol
 Mille Fiore beads, cats eye glass chips, Lapis hearts and chips,
Turquoise chips, Pietersite squares, vintage Turquoise jewelery and Amethyst beads.

To this I am going to add silver lined seed beads, coloured seed beads and freshwater pearls, some lovely shiny white novelty yarn and whatever else that strikes my fancy.  This lady likes encrustation.

I have an idea to do a representation of a Faery (she likes Faeries), or I might just stick to something more Art Nouveau-like abstraction.  I have not decided yet. 

Auditioning what I have to choose from has gone a long way to inspiring ideas.....or do I just like fondling my stash?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

News and a giggle - some QR

In spite of DH and I both dealing with the flu (I'm ok, DH is still pretty sick--he is letting me hover and fetch things and hold his hand...he usually calls me Florence Rottengale and shoos me away!) we have been having fun.
The lovely people at the Flower Shop, where DH spends some time just to keep his hand in. made me a delightful, stylish Christmas Hat.   Isn't it just too too?!?!?  (Creative minds gone awry!)  I am still laughing.

DH, bless his heart, had a craving for Portzelky (pronounce por-TSEL-tcha around here) then after I got the dough made (Florence jumping to his every whim) he started nausea again and didn't want them any more. Portzelky are the traditional New Year's Cookie in this Mennonite area.  I have been giving them away as much as I can, because I certainly don't need to (nom, munch, crunch, nom, nom....) eat any more of them.  I have a few to go yet; anybody want one???

On the bag front things are going well.  I am always amazed when things work out right.  I have had to make my own pattern.  She wanted me to copy a commercial leather bag she owned, but make it bigger.  This bottom is going in just perfectly.  Wow, how nice!

She wants a bag she can "wear every day and will last a hundred years"!  Consequently this thing is so stiff you could take it into battle and use it as a shield!  All the embellishment is to go on the quilted front.  It is to be 'encrusted' ( Enough to frighten the enemy!) with mostly Amethyst, Swarovsky crystal beads and some Turquoise and gemstones...She may not be able to carry it every day, she is just a wee bit of a thing!

Next I have to figure out how to do the lining as the bag is to have a zipper closure...hmmmm...?

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