Monday, March 5, 2012

Just for laughs

This is part of what I had to start with there are 80 boxes in these two rows alone!

DH and I emptied pretty much the last 26 today.

The next project will be his Egg Carving studio. After that we will hang the pictures in the living room.....priorities you know!!

Now see the previous post for the whole story.....
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Back in the land of Creativity, and a mystery

It has been a long four months in which we found a new home, moved a business, a household, and two art studios!  On New Years Eve mind you!!  I can now catch up on my Blog, and start creating again. 

I had set myself a deadline of Feb. 29 to get my studio unpacked and have only missed it by four days.  Not withstanding the bit of sorting and tidying that is left.   But DH has just informed me that there are boxes out in the garage that would not fit into the studio when we moved in...sigh...I know I am missing some stuff yet, but will wait till the weather is warmer to root around out there.  All my plastic bins are out there and have to be arranged yet, but it is too cold.

We have more or less the same set up as the last place, business and studio in one big room, but it is smaller.

The ties are in a double wide clothes closet, then the hallway past our office has bookcases with buttons, upholstery, yarn and my rat tail cord.

Across the hallway is a fabric cabinet and plastic bins with mostly Mom's stash; a very eclectic collection!  This forms a wall for the office.
Looking to the right to the back wall of the studio is my Paverpol cupboard, a fabric cabinet, a bookshelf with fabric, and another bookshelf with fabric, stands for polymer clay people, spray paint and indoor gardening supplies.
My cutting table is under that bit of clutter and under the table are six rolling bins of novelty fabrics.  The grey stack is novelty fabric and beads.
Standing in front of the cutting table and looking toward the windows and the houseplants.  (the basement suite does not have much light for plants so they are in my studio again.

But the configuration is the same, my back to the window when sewing, and looking out the window through the plants when beading or ironing.  These windows are sure a lot smaller than the three patio doors I am used to!  Big whine :( !!
Under the plants are six wooden cubes which house my gemstone beads and polymer clay supplies.  The tall white rolling cabinet houses gemstones and beads and the fabrics I am currently working with and a drawer full of fabric with fusible on it ready to be made into something wonderfull.....big grin.

Standing in the same place and looking left is my book case, a rolling cabinet with printing and painting and dyeing supplies, my Mother's thread cabinets, my long storage cabinet with my beads, shells and tools on top and on shelves above it. There are four drawers at the top housing knitting needles, crochet hooks, fusibles and stabilisers, underneath is batting, embroidery floss, frames, canvasses and a whole lot of general stuff  This arrangement of shelves and bookcase actually forms the back wall to the office.

Looking right is the back wall of the studio.  I will be putting two cupboards on this wall on either side of my thread rack.  The shoe box is full of thread as are the three flat boxes on the thread cabinet.This is one of my last little sorting jobs.  In the corner by the garage door is my felting machine.

The whole thing is rather like a rabbit warren and there is not an inch to spare.  When we set up the office I lost 2.5 feet of the length of the studio, and if I gain one more pound I will probably get stuck in one of the alleyways!!

One more move like this and I will have my stash memorised!

And now for the Mystery:
What the heck is this?  It turned up in the unpacking.  It may have come out of an old jar of buttons.  The name on the front is Cresor, or Tresor, sorry there is no picture.  Is this a sewing notion of some sort, is there something missing? Should there have been something else hanging off those two clips?  Whatever it is, it is very old
 Enquiring minds want to know!
I am hoping one of you savvy ladies might have some idea here.
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