Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some completion and some whimsy.

I have had a phrase come running through my head over and over...."Well I can't use spit and my shirt tail, its for company!"  Let me explain.  A week or so ago I was in the kitchen preparing a meal for some friends who were coming over for dinner and an evening of cards.  My DH was setting the table...he asked me to bring him a damp tea towel.  I asked what he was doing as I had already wiped the table and he said:......."...!"

Egad!!  We had been going round and round lately about his not washing the cutlery very well (I cook, he cleans up).  Well this had us helpless with laughter for a good five minutes.   We do this to each other all the time.  I claim it makes for a long lasting marriage.

If so, then why does this phrase keep coming back to haunt me???   He didn't mean it, did he"  He wasn't serious, was he?  Will I ever I ever want to know???

The first eyeglass case is done.....she is quite fetching, I think.  These two cases I am doing are for over sized sunglasses and there is a hard case that fits inside the bag.

I have one more of these cases to do.

I am doing some more snow dyeing and am in a rush as our snow seems to be disappearing very quickly.  Last year I am told people were on the golf course by the first of March.  Times are achangin'...I vividly remember a snow storm on March 4. 1067 that deposited a drift 25' deep and 45' across between the house and the barn.  My dad would not let me go out to feed the horses that night ..he said that's how people get lost and die in these things....and sure enough someone in North Dakota did just that!

 At least I did not have to go very far to find some nice clean snow.   We have not been using the barbecue much.  Now I just have to wait for the snow to melt......marginally more fun than watching paint dry.
DH has been unpacking boxes of photo albums and found a bit of nostalgia...1978.  A really nice Rhodesian Ridgeback I boarded for a while just before I got married...I wonder did he fall in love with me or my dog?
DH is still with me and the dog isn't so that ought to mean something!

Going back to the studio now, with my lovely wine and navy blue fingers.

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Norma Schlager said...

Your eyeglass cases are GORGEOUS!

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