Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surprises and Success

I finished up the snow dyed fabric today. It was full of surprises and a wonderful, if half expected success.

Technical Info:  five dye vats, four drained, one allowed to sit in the melted dye.
                        hot water dye, Rit wine, Tintex navy blue, forest green, yellow and brown
                        one vat had no yellow, and one vat had no navy blue, all others were all colours
                        snow very melty, lots of ice granules
                        thoroughly chilled the fabric to slightly frozen (too impatient to get started!)                       
                        fabric:  cotton, cotton poly, wool like upholstery, silk upholstery, cotton damask and lots of
                        mystery fabric (I have a lot of that in my stash.)

A sampler of Dupioni Silk, the first is no blue, and the last is no yellow, and some mystery stuff that started out already pink.....very dye resistant!

Cotton Muslin


Cotton Poly

Cotton Poly, I like this stuff as the weave shows.

Damask type stuff.  Shiny side was inside in this garment.  Halderman communities use shiny only for bridal parties.




Woolly feeling upholstery fabric sample with a pattern in the weave...could be a synthetic, but it took the dye well so is probably wool.
Cotton, a failed gel print!  It only had splatters of blue and yellow to start and was in the vat with the above piece of cotton.  Now how does that happen?

And now for the best part...........TA DA!

These are silk upholstery remnants from my Great Grandmother's stash.  I was hoping they would dye well as they take Setacolor fabric paint wonderfully.  The blue is just as shiny as the yellow, but is hard to photograph.  The yellow did not take well on any of the fabrics except the Dupioni silk.

And last but not least:

This is a piece of the Damask Cotton (the same pale pink as the background fabric.  I accidentally left it folded when crumpling it into the vat and came up with the Abominable Snowman! 
Quite appropriate don't you think?

I apologise for the choppy posting, but getting pictures in the right order makes me crazy!


Dolores said...

Love the snow dyes, especially the damask and the woolly stuff. Tried my 1st snow due in January. Just have to finish posting.

fndlmous said...

Halderman communities?? I've not heard that description before. do you mean the Mannonites?
Pat F

Gloria said...

Very nice! I especially like the results you achieved with the cotton muslin and your GGM's silk pieces. Thx for sharing.

Judy Warner said...

Beautiful colors!

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