Saturday, January 29, 2011

Modesty prevails...sort of!

It seems that the majority of people like covered hooters!  Does this mean the decline of nude beaches?
You are supposed to be looking down beachcombing, not ogling the fellow beach goers anyway!

Such a nice coif, now her face is not so startling.  I outlined the wings as it was hard to tell she was a Faery with all that hair.

I am working on the wand, and the ground line now...she needs a nice beach to walk on herself.

Then the skirt has to be 'emroidered', and a sprinkle of Faery dust around her and she will be done.

This is so much fun it must be either immoral, illegal or fattening......take a guess which one it is for me!! lol

I'm off to strew more jewels beneath her feet.

1 comment:

Rose Anne B said...

Very nice and tastefully done!

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