Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shock and Awwww

I have been working on The Bag some more. I have decided on a Faery and would you believe I have made a second try at hair as the first try was too big!?!?  And I know that the green vintage turquoise jewellery face is making you go Aaaack!! Ptooy!   But I am not finished yet!

I want to take a poll of readers.  Should I just stuff her bodacious boobs a bit more and leave them, or should I do a bit of discreet bead work netting over them. After all She has to carry this out in public.  I will be watching for your comments.  This is a very early picture as I have about another half pound of beads and ribbon to go on there yet.

I have help here every day.  When Buddy and Sundae are not rearranging my spools of thread on the floor (they love it when it unwinds), they organize my cupboards.  This is the one that holds all the fabric inherited from my mom and my great grandmother.  They are exhausted, it was a very big job.  They are resting, something they do for about 93% of every day.

Sundae snores, you can hear her from the far end of the Studio.

DH has gone into his egg studio and Sundae has gone with him, she is his cat and sticks to him like a barnacle.  The two of them have to have us in sight at all times.  I don't know if they are insecure, or just like us!  hehe!

Remember, bare boobs or beaded boobs, I need to know.

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