Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now The Fun Begins!

Remember that art bag I am working on?  The construction part is done:

It is a shoulder tote-type bag.  I opted for satin stitch finishing as it was far too stiff and thick to have folded seam allowances...the corners would have been an inch thick!  lol

 It has a zipper closure as requested.
 Inside is a zipper pocket and slots for a cell phone, a note book and a pen.
 Swarovski Marguerites, hearts and butterflies, large Amethyst chips and a magnificent strand of faceted Amethyst beads with silver spacers which I am to take apart and use on various projects.
 Faceted Amethyst square beads, Amethyst Go Go beads, Rainbow Fluorite cylinder beads, Amethyst teardrops.
 Various and sundry!  lol
 Mille Fiore beads, cats eye glass chips, Lapis hearts and chips,
Turquoise chips, Pietersite squares, vintage Turquoise jewelery and Amethyst beads.

To this I am going to add silver lined seed beads, coloured seed beads and freshwater pearls, some lovely shiny white novelty yarn and whatever else that strikes my fancy.  This lady likes encrustation.

I have an idea to do a representation of a Faery (she likes Faeries), or I might just stick to something more Art Nouveau-like abstraction.  I have not decided yet. 

Auditioning what I have to choose from has gone a long way to inspiring ideas.....or do I just like fondling my stash?

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