Sunday, September 9, 2012

I surprise even myself!

Wow, another post so soon!  There are heavy duty exhaust fumes in my studio from me revving my motor so hard!........or is that a disturbing mental image??

I shall have to get a better photo...this is perfectly square.....really.  Sedimentary II.  Hand painted fabric, actually it was the clean up cloth.....why are they always much better than what you were actually trying to do?  Seed beads, ammonites, gem stones.

I am also part of the big Hat Party.  I am a sucker for punishment and glommed onto three hats. I am a greedy so and so too!  This is Buttoned Down Winter Wedding.  Furry almost white hat with lots of a vintage wedding gown attached.

 The feathers and strings of pearls are the perfect finishing touch....who needs a veil anyway?

Next hat is an elegant little head-hugger that might just be a shame to cover up, but what a lovely opportunity for an outrageous fascinator!  So far I am starting out with black, haven't decided whether or not to add some colour.

The next hat is a little straw wide brimmed hat.....hmmm.

After that I am going to do up some shoes just for giggles.......wait for that blog post.

Back to the studio...

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