Friday, September 14, 2012

Busy, busy, busy.......

Working in my studio has become addictive.  I find myself jonesing when I can't get there every day.  I am trying to exhaust my Muse......this is a good thing...right?

Here is a detail shot of Sedimentary II:
I love the chatoyance on the Ammonite, and the tubular mesh ribbon is a delight to work with.

These two are an example of less is more:


These are used dryer sheets, hand painted.  The hangar rings on the back are wildly off centre to balance the weight of the Agate 'vases.

Here is the Fascinator I promised:

Puttin On The Ritz
The hat itself is black velvet and sucks dust and lint.  I figured that this would be a major nuisance to the curators of the shows it will be in so I coated it with two layers of Paverpol.  It is not soft any more, but you can just blow the dust off.

The next hat is a badly damaged, straw, wide brimmed hat with a round crown.  It looks like it might have been a garden hat.  Since we are supposed to do something that reflects ourselves I am thinking a cowboy hat!?!

More to come.......


Pat .F in Winnipeg said...

Dianne, could you maybe include the size of your pieces with your picture? Pat F

Robin said...

Thank you for your lovely comments about my work. I have enjoyed watching your hats come together! I didn't know these were called Fascinators...very cool.

Jewelry Findings said...
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