Monday, September 3, 2012

Back at it...finally

I am back in the saddle, so to speak.........nowadays I ride a Husquevarna!!

This is Rainmaker. 5 x 7  When you hold it up to the light you can see the stripes in the agate.  I used the corner out of a large piece in the Crap Quota stack, a shame to waste all the lovely quilting.

Thunder and Lightning. 6 x 8  I reworked another piece on upholstery fabric featuring a nice agate slab.  Much better title, but I am not sure how I want to mount it...or just leave it alone, the back is denim.

Mossy Burl. 5 x 7  Upholstery fabric, ribbon and wool accenting a truly fabulous piece of driftwood.

Seaweed and Surf. 13 x 13  Another great piece of driftwood with gemstones and seed beads, and hand dyed fabric, rhyolite and a nice amonite.

I have no excuse, but a very good reason for my long absence:
This wonderful spot is where I sit and have breakfast and my coffee every morning.  The cucumbers on the left gate post are now all the way around the next rung.  We can hardly keep up with them!  Tomatoes at the foot of the garden are ripening apace.  Picked about twenty this afternoon, not counting a double handful of wee Sweet Million.
It is a very green garden, the perennials are only on their first year, but there are some thrilling surprises!
A double day lily....eleven buds that all bloomed....that was a gift from friends.  They live about sixty miles west of us and have had a drought this summer, they lost the parent plant to this one.

An Angel's Trumpet, or Datura.  We did not plant this, it might have come in with the bit of soil a friend gave us in a box of six Zinnia. Which, by the way, are providing some nice colour in our green garden.   I only noticed it two weeks ago when it poked its head up in the middle of the potatoes! How it ever managed to out muscle them is truly a wonder.  The potatoes took over like Kudzu vines...but only 2 or 3 tubers per plant.  Everyone around here said potatoes were a big
disappointment this year.
The Kale we planted to get cabbage worms is working.  We had a snowstorm of cabbage butterflies (Canadian White) a few weeks ago and I have seen a wren in the plants picking the worms......big grin!  Humming birds in the Zinnia too, even bigger grin!

I have another piece almost finished, I will post more pictures soon.

Have fun in your studios ladies, and cuddle your cats.


Jewelry Findings said...
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Ellen Anne Eddy said...

Your Garden, and your shoes, are lovely! And I want your spiral garden supports. Those are so cool.
I'll be posting your blog on my site to others can find it.
Thanks for commenting!
Ellen Anne Eddy

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