Monday, June 27, 2011

More Grievous Injury!

Background:  I am walking with a cane because I jumped when I stabbed my hand last week (point of knife came out my elbow....really!) and I pulled a muscle at the top of my left thigh.  [Thigh bone connected to the hand hear the word of the Lord.]

New developments:  I woke up last night with leg cramps, a common occurrence with me, leaped out of bed, walking fixes the cramps, made my mad dash to the loo, I have a tiny bladder, and stubbed my toe on my cane.  I broke it....the toe that is!

I am hobbling around the office with pained look on my face.  When anyone asks what my trouble is I tell them.   But do I get any sympathy???  Nooooo I get is that nice?

I don't have a life I have a cartoon!


P.S.:  Silver lining:  I now have six cucumbers, five zucchini and one tomato in my planters.  You will have to take my word for it, Blogger won't let me upload pictures....See I told you, I live a cartoon.


Bev said...

I thought my life was the only one with that kind of comedy of errors!

take care -- enjoy those veggies (nothing better than home grown)

get better soon!

Heather Lair said...

Oh, Dianne! You poor thing! I hope you have a smoother rest of the week. Perhaps some florescent ribbon on your cane???

The Wiebe's said...

Oh Diane (giggle giggle)!

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