Sunday, June 19, 2011

One Third Done

I have completed the CQ side of the hand bag.  It has been slow going as I don't CQ!  All those seams, so many new treatments to think up!  Goodness how I admire the CQ ladies. I have one tiny seam at the bottom to do after the bag is put together.

 This has been cropped to what will show when the bag is constructed.  The other side will have a semi 3 dimensional dragon wallowing in his hoard.  I have not designed the handles yet, the bag has to hang flat.  Hmmm, a mechanics dilemma....

Another delicate beauty has unveiled herself.  This one bloomed last year for the first time.  Some kids were climbing around the air conditioner trying to get to the roof and broke off two stalks of sad.  There are drawbacks to living right downtown!

Spent a boring Saturday evening with DH.   We were in the emergency room at the local hospital!  I did a dumb I was handling the knife I said to myself:  "This is how you cut yourself Dummy."  Well Dummy cut herself!  I have a deep stab wound in the web of my left hand, near the thumb.  (Truly odd to look under your skin and see meat!)  We went in to see if it needed stitching.  NOT!  They glued it shut!  The marvels of modern medical science!  I am now learning how dependant we are on working opposable thumbs!  Imagine that!  I have had to take two Tylenol 3 with codine so I can continue typing.  I have a short pointer finger on my left hand and the reach for the t is painful. 

I am such a wuss!  We bought a dozen consolation donuts on the way home from the hospital! We stayed up until 2:30 a.m. watching old Frazier episodes on You Tube.  I am well and truly consoled.  Haven't had a late date like that with DH since we were young!

Nap time....see y'all.....

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Pat .F in Winnipeg said...

Gosh, I just tend to spill coffee on two of the bathroom walls, at the same time, and throw ice all over the livingroom rug. DH won't let me play with knives (seriously--I have to sneak around to use one) Take care--you have a lot of years of stitchig ahead of you--and even more once you finish that dragon! LOL
Pat F

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