Monday, June 13, 2011

A weekend in the garden.

Almost all done.  Planted the last of the perennials and some Wave Petunias that should fill large spaces of not-quite-prepared-yet beds.  We need to get soil on top of the grass clipping mulch.  This will have to come next year, as the budget is spent.  We are trying to convert awfull lawn into perennial beds.  It is working!
The bed below was all weeds and grass two years ago.  What looks brown in the picture is actually Viola that self-seeded.  I will thin them and isolate the beautiful 'sports' and hope that they will seed true next year.

I want to put in a sensuous curved line of beets and carrots with some lettuce accents into one of the long sidewalk beds.  I even garden like an artist, lol.  I did this last year and it was lovely.  The photo is taken from the edge of our second floor deck.

Upon which we have self watering planters:
These hold about nine gallons of water and it should last a week of sunny weather.  We fill them with the hose connected to the kitchen sink.  DH has always wanted a we have the biggest and highest deck in town. 16 by 60 feet on the second floor.  No children or pets allowed out on it ever.


It is a delight to work in the garden beside such lovely ladies as these.

I am armed with a trowel and my seeds and I am off  before it rains again!

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