Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Paverpol

Good afternoon everyone, another chilly but sunny day here.

What a good time I have been my Happy Place of course

Another Tiepot  #2 Oceanus

It seems Blogger will not let me post another picture?!?!  Content too racy??

I will continue...
Aha!!  You just have to tweak a few more buttons.

And the pigs are flying around here....totally non functional just like the Tiepots.

and a functional one...but it is a retirement savings bank as there is no way to get the money out!
Great idea what!?!?

I have to stop this now as I need to let the pieces cure before the sale.......
I think I am ready to get back to playing with soft fabric now.

We are having a great studio upheaval here as I am getting more space! Hooray!  My dh is getting the spare bedroom (anybody want to buy an antique brass double bed?  Great for displaying quilts) for his studio (he decorates eggs Faberge style) and I am getting his space. The upheaval has turned my Buddy into a barnacle..he gets upset easily!
Why is it that when your cat gets under the covers with you and curls up in your arms he will decide that that is the perfect time to have a vigorous and very thorough wash.  It is very difficult trying to go to sleep with a yellow fuzz ball lurching around!

I am unpacking my ties and sorting them.  DH has finally put up my racks, a cupboard and a whole bunch of shelves and I am looking forward to getting things unpacked and sorted out.  I want to have my stash where I can see it.   I am of the "if I can't see it I don't have it" mindset.  lol
When I get it all done I will post a picture....I have about 1000 ties!

Rats, this thing keeps resetting to will think I am writing poetry!  Also I have to publish after every picture ore it won't accept a second one.  Sheesh.  If you can help me with this just email me please.

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