Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Winter...don'cha just love it!

Whoosh!!! all the snow and ice on the tin garage roof come down on our walk way two days ago!  DH and I shovelled it out.  Snow blower was of little use as it was mostly large pieces of ice. Then we decided to dig out the Barbecue as the weather is so nice, just below freezing.

The result of the whole thing is neither of us could move yesterday.  Old folks should not get that enthusiastic about snow removal.  lol  Job satisfaction was great, but aching muscles was not.  We were even too tired to cook anything on it.

Keeping the pathway open to the bird feeder has bee a chore this winter too.  I just lugged in a 45 lb. bag of sunflower seeds and the Blue Jays think they have died and gone to heaven!!

All this snow is four feet + deep in some areas.  They are predicting major flooding on the Red river this spring.  This does not affect us here in Steinbach, but we have run off to fear.  If all this melts too quickly we will drown.  Those of us in basement suites are particularly nervous.

Mind you it is glorious to walk in the yard when the temperature is only a degree or two below freezing, and the sun is shining brightly.  It seems that spring will actually come this year.  Praise the Lord.

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