Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Steppin' out some more

Since we still have two feet of snow on the garden I have been working in my studio and have finished the best (read fun to do) shoe yet!

Steppin out of the swamp.  It is heavy with beads, glass and gemstones.  There are 'dinosaur' bones in it, shells, three lizards and a turtle (thanks to Pat F.)  There is much froth, foam and spray, and lots of flowing water.  All this is on a base of upholstery material.  The bottom is fabric covered so it won't mar your coffee table.

This one is headed for the Eastern Manitoba Judged Art Show in May.

I am trying to psych myself into tidying up and putting all the beads and components away...sigh, for me the hardest part of any piece.  lol

I am preparing another shoe, trying to decide on what colour....hmmmm...


Christine L. said...

Just gorgeous!

Funky Diva said...

That is quite a shoe. Amazing and beautiful.

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