Sunday, October 23, 2011

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That dainty little green gem beside the mushroom is the most luxurious and beautiful ground cover.  You can practically hear it grow and the mature leaves are 2" across until........insert eerie music here.......about the middle of July it lays flat in the centre and looks ugly and goes to seed  making a tri-zillion seeds that sprout at the least provocation everywhere in your yard that the wind has seen fit to take them.   You will never get rid of it...never.....Roundup was made for this is Round Leaf Mallow!  Beware!
I harvested the Horseradish and the beets, not leaving that for the demolition crew!  I made the most wicked hot Horseradish/beet relish!  Wonderful stuff.  I made a gallon of it....and now am giving it away to people who are not afraid of it...surprisingly many are! I also brought in all the carrots, froze a bunch and gave away some, and kept the wonky ones to eat fresh.......aren't carrots fun to grow??  I bet nice Victorian ladies were not allowed to harvest them! lol
I did not get all the Horseradish roots out, and have delightful fantasies of giant Horseradish leaves bursting up through the floor of the 40 million dollar building the CU is going to build on this spot!  hehehe
I have pretty much stopped new work for Manitoba Art Expo at The Downs in November and am concentrating on a commission I have to have done for Christmas.
We are addressing the packing issue even though we have not been notified of a settlement of our lease, and since our lawyer put a caveat on the title it cannot be transferred until we are satisfied to our 'mutual agreement' as it says in our lease.  We cannot even look for a new location which will accommodate our business, our home and our two cats until we know what the settlement will be.  I hate this waiting, we were supposed to hear on September 16, but nothing yet.
Do you remember this picture?  This is what I had just two short years ago:
Stacked to the ceiling and fifteen feet deep to the patio doors!  Now I get to do it all over again.  I am going to be packing it all myself and hope to do a better job; like with like, good labels and not a jar of buttons in each and every box like the last guy did. (He did it as a joke, I laughed until I started finding a bag of beads in every other box.  It took me forever to sort out my new studio.)  I have only three different styles of boxes...two kinds of nail boxes from a pallet making company, and big chick transport boxes from a local poultry company. 
All boxes will be closed for stacking and be well labelled.  One type of  nail box, with the flaps up, will fit into the other nail box with the flaps open as well.  Just like those fruit cases.  Makes a box and a half tall if I need it but is closed for stacking. I have packed eight this way already.  I have loooots of boxes!  I also kept eight rose boxes from the flower shop in which I moved my was I really expecting to have to move again?  DH saved them in the attic.....good man.
I am contemplating hiring myself out as a professional packer!
Please remember us nomads in your prayers.
Love to all....

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