Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Working like a beaver...fibre collage.

I am having way too much fun with Paverpol and ties. 

Crescent moon with navy moleskin painted with Paverpol wrapped around a stretched canvas.  Ties and upholstery fabric is unpainted......then beady, beady, beady!! 

 Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli and shell leaves along with various sizes of seed beads.

A Walk In The Forrest.  Polyester dress fabric (originally a sage green) painted with Paverpol which changes the colour to what it would look like wet; gallery wrapped around stretched canvas.

It really is straight, honest....I don't have a tripod.....


Raw silk, birch bark, lichen, sari silk waste and some rat tail.  The delicate botanical elements have been protected with Paverpol.  This was the very reason I investigated the product in the first place.   Works wonderfully, but it is all experimentation and a steep learning curve.   My Crap Quota expands!

I am frantically working toward Manitoba Art Expo in November.  I want to have a lot of new work there this year.

Check it out:

Back to the salt mines......


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Pat .F in Winnipeg said...

I'm goiong to have to take another look at "gallery wrap". A number of the presentations at the FAN retreat mentioned using it. Good luck on your sale. You appear to be making progress toward some very nice new work.
Pat f

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