Saturday, November 20, 2010

Righteously Tired

Just got home from my last sale of the year.  I am pooped!  Showing the horses was much least they loaded themselves into the trailer and all I had was one tack _o=  (only the c and the v on that row are gremlins were at work while I was away!  Tack container sounds silly it is a Tack _o=.)
Now I am schlepping around display racks, _lack cloth for draping them and _ins and _ags and a suitcase of my quilts and sculptures!   This kind of thing was a lot easier when I was in my 20's as I recall...and I could party all night too.....I'm e=hausted just thinking a_out it!

I did well, and sold some larger pieces.  The venue attracted some more well-heeled customers.  Unfortunately the money will not go for stash _uilding, it will end up on the rims of our van....._ald tires and the icy snowy streets were a tricky knuckles are still white!  lol

It is inspiring to see what other types of artists are doing.  There really was some lovely work there, other fi_re artists, glass artists, potters and jewellery with polymer clay, gemstones, and feathers (these were e=quisite).  It can really get the creative juices flowing.  I am looking forward to this winter in my studio.

I will say goodnight and get to _ed.  Tomorrow is a free day to play/work in my Happy Place.

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