Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sale over and sorting

The Art Expo sale was very successful, sold lots and was wonderfully inspired by all the sensational art around me.  I am pumped!  Except.......

We have turned my studio upside down twice!  DH is setting up his egg carving studio, some of my book cases are going in there.  We rearranged everything twice.  I am now trying to classify and sort my stash of gemstones and beads, trying to get like somewhere near like.  Kinda puts creating on hold, but it is fun to fondle everything again.

I have done a few small items for a gallery:

Tie Di bags made with ties and gemstones, beading and embroidery.

Double Credit Card holders, pull the ribbons at the top and up comes your credit card.  Fun!  These are done with ties as well.

I have a bunch more ties pulled and when I get my beads sorted I will be back at it again.  I have a request for more shoes for the gallery as well. 

It is going to be a fun winter.

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